Apple passes Microsoft in Mkt Cap

Apple’s market capital has surpass Microsoft, and becoming the world largest IT company. Just leave a note for that event.


Actually, apple deserves such a honor.  See the stock plot compares the MSFT(blue) and AAPL(red), each product launch (2007 iPhone, 2008 iPhone 3G, 2009 iPhone 3GS, early 2010 iPad) give AAPL a boost. Win 7 in mid 2009 stops the gliding, but that is all.

For the mobile market, Apple did a amazing job, iPhone OS is the long waited ideal OS for hand-hold gadgets, remember that is the first mobile OS Apple ever made (think about WinCE and WM, and WP7?). For me Kim is a disaster, I’ve no idea why MS is trying to build so many different platforms and distract all its energy. Several bad products won’t add up to a success but a bad company, Apple didn’t build too much product, they just build it right. If MS wants to push WP7, then please believe it is the one, build all level of phones, tablets and gadgets on WP7 system, don’t waste time for a sad item on the FY report.

Why this guy here (Orkut)

Apparently, Google is promoting its long lived failure product – Orkut.

Orkut is a social network web-app which is even older than Facebook! (Facebook is launched Feb.4 2004, while Orkut is Jan 2004) While, it is a Google Failure (not very often ha?), 6 years later, Google promoting it again. I don’t quite understand why, for me, Buzz is even better than this.

Don’t want to say too much words on this, but social network web-app is not a easy market, and for me it seems that still not clear how to make it really works…..