DON’T Try ultrasn0w unlock for iOS 4.2.1 – is a TRAP!

You may lost your GPS function and may get a overheat battery.
现在的ultrasnow是强制用iPad 3G的06.15.00. Baseband用在iPhone上,进行unlock。有些用户反映出现电池能耗增多,电池发热(解决办法是关掉3G…..)同时,另外一些用户发现GPS的功能不能用了….总之,还是暂时不要升级为好,如果你需要Unlock…..

Update #5: Unlockers have been reporting mixed results about GPS functionality at 06.15.00. Until we can track down what differentiates those who retain GPS vs. those who lose it, be conservative and assume you’ll lose GPS at 06.15.00.