Lots of new stuffs this week


Windows 8 is coming, as well as Windows 7 SP1 is officially released. Make your hard drive prepared.

Apple is busy making MacOS more iOS liked, lets see what the Microsoft toy would looks like.


Apple is announcing a Media Announcement March 2rd or the iPad 2 release. After over months rumor, the iPad 2 finally came ( Hopefully it comes before the White iPhone 4 announce by Steve Jobs over half a year before – which is not a rumor )


New MacBook Pro will be introduced very soon, with i5 core and Thunderbolt (Intel Light Peak) support. Hope Thunderbolt will not be the FireWire2.

More specs via MacRumors

Oh here is one more thing.


After about half years postponing, the last ride of space shuttle Discovery, STS-133 is finally ready for launch. 发改委又开始调整油价了,Bless the crew and 机器人哥…..