It is really sarcastic, I’ve just talked about data backup in my last post. Days after, a hard-drive failure just give me a direct strike.  One hard drive in my office contains ONE TERA-BYTE data just failed to work, Most of the data doesn’t have backup. Wondering how many data can be recovered.

No matter the data can be recovered or not, just emphasize — BACK YOUR DATA – HARD DRIVE ALWAYS FAILS!

2 thoughts on “AGAIN, BACKUP YOUR DATA”

  1. Does the IG group have a RAID? If not, I would recommend buying one for the entire group. RAID is supposed to be quite reliable. I put all my crucial stuff under the RAID of msravc. (Too much stuff for me to “backup”, e.g. groove can handle only up to 5GB and that doesn’t even cover any single project of mine.) Maybe you guys could get one called msraig. Talk to Xin about this when you get a chance. I think everybody would prefer spending a little bit money for a RAID than to have someone losing crucial data prior to a SIGGRAPH deadline. 😉

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