Nerd’s big win

Jim Parsons , as Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory, won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

From 2007, Big Bang Theory is always a hot series for the youth, especially for those head being or been permanent damaged (Permanent Head Damage as PHD). Even though I’m not a physics major, I still can find familiar scenario from my real experience in that show. This show finally reveals the true life of a group of geek, and the true fun of being a nerd.

Recommendations: if you have ever enjoy a collage life in a science or engineering school, you should take this show. If you are not interested in American Comedy, give this series a try.

5 thoughts on “Nerd’s big win”

  1. Forgive those editors and directors, they really don’t know how to solve the Feynman diagram.
    Actually, they cannot find a question which the ‘true Sheldon’ failed to work out, while it still have a valid answer.

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