Google Toolbar will send the page you view to Google?

It seems that, Google Toolbar will send the pages you view to Google Server and index it.

Published previous post (Google clawer/indexer is so fast), I didn’t use my firefox with GoogleToolbar, but my IE explorer to view the posted page. 20 minutes later, the page is still not indexed (can not be searched), then I tried use my Firefox with GoogleToolbar to view the post page, just in one minute, I can successfully search that post!

(I do not approve google toolbar send info to Google Server, so this is kind of ‘Evil Google?’)

看起来是Google Toolbar的关系, 我刚才那篇文章(Google clawer/indexer is so fast)用一个没有GoogleToolbar的浏览器访问,就一直没有被爬到。后来,用有Google Toolbar的浏览器访问了一下,不到1分钟这个页面就可以被serach到了。刚才我检查了一下,我的Google Toolbar并没有打开向Google 提供数据的功能,看来这次Google又Evil了?