Google live preview

Google is always bring us amazing stuffs. If the instant search isn’t astonishing enough, this one is really beyond my imagination.


When in the SERP page, just hover your mouse, you can see a perfect rendered page preview of that result. And even more, the snippet paragraph are also highlighted to show where the searched key comes form the result page.

It is really beyond my imagination on how Google did this. I haven’t dig into the code yet, but apparently, the  preview image is rendered at the server side, and sent to the client. The preview is available for almost every site (not just pre-computed for important sites).

Actually, I’ve seriously though about this idea, but think about the computation / storage cost, it is really hard to put such a idea into a real production system. But Google did it, and it works perfect. Google again, proves us the unbelievable computation power and the great potential of cloud computing.

Anyway, Google is really binging us something amazing…..

Bing is Google’s biggest problem

“Bing is a well run, highly competitive search engine,” Schmidt tells the WSJ’s Alan Murray in a long interview.
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Bing is really doing very well as a ‘decision engine’, all the UI and App stuffs for the ‘decision engine’ works really well. and despite the search quality (Google still got’s better quality given same query keywords in some cases), Bing is really a good choice for finding a answer to your demand.

and also, Windows Phone 7 is released, I’m not very surprised by its other features, but the Bing Search on the WP7 is really amazing, it works smooth, feels nature, and feels right.

Google Instant Search

when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical.

As you typing the search query, the result updates instantly.

I’m not so excited about the idea or the interface (actually, the UI is really arguable), however to support such intensive search query, the background service from Google is really far exceed my imagination.