Red hearts bless china

Recently, many political issues arise around Tibet and Olympic 2008. Those MSN users who support Olympic 2008 and support china volunteered add a heart icon (L) in their MSN nick names. This event spread so fast over the Internet. So many people has attended such event by now. You can see the red heart fill up my MSN friends list.

最近,媒体上出现了大量的围绕 西*藏*问*题 而对2008年北京奥运会的政治攻击。广大网友为声援支持中国,纷纷资源的在自己MSN名字上加上(L)标志的红心图样。这样的自发行动在非常短的时间内就在网络上流传开来,现在已经有非常多的网友参加了这一活动。

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