Year of the copycats!

Several month ago, Steve Jobs make a visionary forecast for the year of 2011

And made his promise with Lion and iOS5

Notifications mostly from Andriod

Newsstand borrows idea from Zinio

Twitter intergration kills most 3rd party twitter apps.

Mobile Safari copies too many ……. such as instapaper / read it later

Reminders is a much much weaker version GTD (Remember the milk, etc)

When camera+ use the volume button as shutter, Apple take it off the shelf…… so

Compare to the mail client in Android, the new mail client is still a toy…..

and Android is PC free from the beginning…….

The game center would be a major failure, not sure how it works when copy from OpenFeint.

iMessenger should be the most stupid one (看到企鹅没?颤抖吧jobs….)


And here is the true story behinds this year WWDC

In my opinion, the key idea here is taking advantage of the success of iOS, and broadcast to other fields. (e.g. from multi-touch form iOS to MacOS, and iCloud migrate iOS and MacOS, also iMessenger….) Which was good for Apple, hopefully end users (apple fans) could also benifits from it.