The true story behind the iPod upgrade

In Sep 1st. 2010, Apple released a brand new series of iPod, including upgrades for iPod Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

It is a reasonable for Apple to upgrade its products to keep the market and roll out some ‘new’ features. But this time, major updates on the entire product line actually means adjusting the position for each product.

In one phrases: You have to pay more, if you want the same experience.

If you want wearable and super cool music player, now you have a more expensive choice, the new nano. The new nano fits more use cases, and the wearable design make it a perfect piece of ‘show off’ jewelry. Of course, the only drawback is you need to pay more money than the shuffle.

The same thing on the new iTouch. Since the pretty small screen on nano is no longer suitable for video play back, and the video camera on the nano is also ‘short life’. The only choice for video experience goes to iTouch, which is awesome, except the price.

Oh, there is one more thing.

The new upgrades also says:

The extreme simple and magical no-button iPod Shuffle is a definite fail!