Lots of new stuffs this week


Windows 8 is coming, as well as Windows 7 SP1 is officially released. Make your hard drive prepared.

Apple is busy making MacOS more iOS liked, lets see what the Microsoft toy would looks like.


Apple is announcing a Media Announcement March 2rd or the iPad 2 release. After over months rumor, the iPad 2 finally came ( Hopefully it comes before the White iPhone 4 announce by Steve Jobs over half a year before – which is not a rumor )


New MacBook Pro will be introduced very soon, with i5 core and Thunderbolt (Intel Light Peak) support. Hope Thunderbolt will not be the FireWire2.

More specs via MacRumors

Oh here is one more thing.


After about half years postponing, the last ride of space shuttle Discovery, STS-133 is finally ready for launch. 发改委又开始调整油价了,Bless the crew and 机器人哥…..

Bing is Google’s biggest problem

“Bing is a well run, highly competitive search engine,” Schmidt tells the WSJ’s Alan Murray in a long interview.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/eric-schmidt-bing-apple-facebook-2010-9#ixzz12EiVnfdE

Bing is really doing very well as a ‘decision engine’, all the UI and App stuffs for the ‘decision engine’ works really well. and despite the search quality (Google still got’s better quality given same query keywords in some cases), Bing is really a good choice for finding a answer to your demand.

and also, Windows Phone 7 is released, I’m not very surprised by its other features, but the Bing Search on the WP7 is really amazing, it works smooth, feels nature, and feels right.

Byebye Google Wave

On August 4, 2010, Google announced the suspension of standalone Wave development and the intent of maintaining the web site at least for the remainder of the year.

Google Wave, a somewhat interesting, powerful, re-inventing the email, hard to understand, complicated, web based, browser killing, collaboration system, born in May 27, 2009, is saying good bye to us. To politely say byebye to Wave, let’s first revisit the one year history of Google Wave.

The early golden age.

When Google Wave was first announced, millions of Google Fans crazy begging for a invitation for early technical preview of Google Wave. I was also asking all my geek friends for Wave invitations. People pursuing Wave is not simply because it is a new shinny Google Toy, In Google I/O 2009, Wave is promoted as ‘The Next Generation Email’ or ‘Re-Invent the Email’ . Google’s email service GMail is undoubted one of the most successful product of Google, and bring us the era of AJAX. So everyone is excited when Google announced its next move, and every spot light is focused on Google Wave.

Google Wave – Fail

The failure of Google Wave already exist when it announced, when I introducing Google Wave to my friends (who is not so Web-ish or fan Google) I can’t even simply explain what is Google Wave. The next generation email, is more like just a brand or a promotion but doesn’t means anything.  It is a collaboration tool, like a synced white board but more than that. To almost everyone including me, Google Wave is just a fancy web-based white board. Unfortunately, there were even more people doesn’t understand how white board works.

Google Wave is rather complicated, almost every user finds it is too hard to understand and work with it. The scenario is not clear, the promotion is just a high level slogan, there even aren’t a reasonable sample work case for it. The developer for Wave want it be a general platform, but the reality proves that, it is really hard for a user to adapt and find suitable scenario for such a general product.

Maybe a better marketing approach may bring Wave a better result. For example, just limit the usage such as ‘Project Managing Tool’, and provides intensive scenario by telling a story like how a project manager collaborate with his team with Google Wave. But anyway, it is all too late, users has already tired exploring ways to efficiently use this tool, and Google also give up the project.

Byebye Wave

It is really astonishing that Google announced the end of Google Wave, IMO, it is the first time that Google clearly ends a projects which is already published for open registration, and still have about one million active user. Personally, I don’t quite understand the reason here. I may guess that Google has began suffering ‘the monopoly’, just like Microsoft, when Microsoft releasing a  new product, the quality bar is rather high, because it covers such a board market, and it is really difficult to meets every request from the user. Now same effects casted on Google, when Google releasing a brand new toy, there will only be two results ‘a big success’ or ‘a big failure’, there is no trail-error now.

A lots of junk words, just personal ideas and typing for fun. Nothing serious.

And at the end, Bless Google, and Bless Bing.

Apple passes Microsoft in Mkt Cap

Apple’s market capital has surpass Microsoft, and becoming the world largest IT company. Just leave a note for that event.


Actually, apple deserves such a honor.  See the stock plot compares the MSFT(blue) and AAPL(red), each product launch (2007 iPhone, 2008 iPhone 3G, 2009 iPhone 3GS, early 2010 iPad) give AAPL a boost. Win 7 in mid 2009 stops the gliding, but that is all.

For the mobile market, Apple did a amazing job, iPhone OS is the long waited ideal OS for hand-hold gadgets, remember that is the first mobile OS Apple ever made (think about WinCE and WM, and WP7?). For me Kim is a disaster, I’ve no idea why MS is trying to build so many different platforms and distract all its energy. Several bad products won’t add up to a success but a bad company, Apple didn’t build too much product, they just build it right. If MS wants to push WP7, then please believe it is the one, build all level of phones, tablets and gadgets on WP7 system, don’t waste time for a sad item on the FY report.

Accompany Brian MacDonald touring Tsinghua University

Today, Brain MacDonald visit Tsinghua University. And it is my great honour that accompany him as a guide when he visit Tsinghua University.

We also visit harry shum’s office at Science Building, Tsinghua University. And Brian wrote ‘Program Manager beats Dev’ on harry’s board. (Brian is CVP – Search PM and Harry is CVP – Serach Dev)

Brian walks so fast, and is that a reason for his success? 🙂