Google live preview

Google is always bring us amazing stuffs. If the instant search isn’t astonishing enough, this one is really beyond my imagination.


When in the SERP page, just hover your mouse, you can see a perfect rendered page preview of that result. And even more, the snippet paragraph are also highlighted to show where the searched key comes form the result page.

It is really beyond my imagination on how Google did this. I haven’t dig into the code yet, but apparently, the  preview image is rendered at the server side, and sent to the client. The preview is available for almost every site (not just pre-computed for important sites).

Actually, I’ve seriously though about this idea, but think about the computation / storage cost, it is really hard to put such a idea into a real production system. But Google did it, and it works perfect. Google again, proves us the unbelievable computation power and the great potential of cloud computing.

Anyway, Google is really binging us something amazing…..

Google Instant Search

when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical.

As you typing the search query, the result updates instantly.

I’m not so excited about the idea or the interface (actually, the UI is really arguable), however to support such intensive search query, the background service from Google is really far exceed my imagination.

与时俱进-谷歌中国(Google China)对同样现象的截然不同解释


之前,Kaifu在CMU做讲座的时候,就特别提出了这个现象。 经过统计,美国用户一般之关注搜索结果的前几条。其视觉关注中心主要集中在左上角。就是Query,然后看前几个结果,如果不对,就继续换一个Key word去query。而中国用户一般会花更长得多的时间去浏览第一页结果中的每一个结果,甚至很多时候还会翻很多页面。当时Kaifu同志的解释是,中国人比较爱学习,于是,这种对知识的渴求导致中国用户去阅读更多的搜索结果。

具体的,可以在Youtube上找到Kaifu在CMU题为 Google at China 的主题讲座




恩 谷歌中国对一个现象的分析果然做到了“与时俱进”不愧是在kaifu带领下,迅速找到了本地化的诀窍。

btw 即使是今天谷歌黑板报的内容,里面那个视觉试验的页面已然是用的Google搜索的页面进行的测试,是在不知道谷歌想在这里证明些什么。

A good promotion



这绝对是个很好的idea,其实父母他们并不是很关心搜索质量,对于他们,google,或者Live Search区别不大。然而,这确实是一个巨大的潜在市场。这个promotion我实在是很喜欢。时机和概念都很到位。

Getting tired with unlimited ‘Spam’. Live and MSN related promotion always boring. But this is really a good one – perfect one.

‘Tell your parent how to use Live Messenger and Live Search’ is special Microsoft Live Search promotion for Father’s Day. To my parents, they do not know too much about ‘Live or Google’ which is better. They do not care about that. On the other hand, this is a huge market. A good promotion.

Morgan Stanley’s March Internet Trends Report: Social Applications Dominating

Morgan Stanley’s Internet Trends report from last month takes a big turn from previous reports – the focus is nearly 100% on social applications and how they are taking over the Internet (Yahoo apparently read it). Key takeaways:

  • YouTube + Facebook page views > Google or Yahoo page views (and may be bigger than both combined)
  • 6/10 top internet sites are social (youtube,, facebook, hi5, wikipedia, orkut); none were on the list in 2005
  • YouTube has 258 million users, 50% visit weekly or more
  • >50% of Facebook users log in daily, 95% of Facebook users have used at least one third party application
  • Skype revenue is $1.67/user/year, up 9% Y/Y
  • 14 million photos uploaded daily on Facebook
  • Google + Yahoo = 61% of U.S. Online Ad Revenue
  • Google: $4.4b ad revenue in Q4, paid out $1.4 billion to partners
  • Yahoo: $1.6 billion in ad revenue in Q4, paid out $429 million to partners

Accompany Brian MacDonald touring Tsinghua University

Today, Brain MacDonald visit Tsinghua University. And it is my great honour that accompany him as a guide when he visit Tsinghua University.

We also visit harry shum’s office at Science Building, Tsinghua University. And Brian wrote ‘Program Manager beats Dev’ on harry’s board. (Brian is CVP – Search PM and Harry is CVP – Serach Dev)

Brian walks so fast, and is that a reason for his success? 🙂

Google Toolbar will send the page you view to Google?

It seems that, Google Toolbar will send the pages you view to Google Server and index it.

Published previous post (Google clawer/indexer is so fast), I didn’t use my firefox with GoogleToolbar, but my IE explorer to view the posted page. 20 minutes later, the page is still not indexed (can not be searched), then I tried use my Firefox with GoogleToolbar to view the post page, just in one minute, I can successfully search that post!

(I do not approve google toolbar send info to Google Server, so this is kind of ‘Evil Google?’)

看起来是Google Toolbar的关系, 我刚才那篇文章(Google clawer/indexer is so fast)用一个没有GoogleToolbar的浏览器访问,就一直没有被爬到。后来,用有Google Toolbar的浏览器访问了一下,不到1分钟这个页面就可以被serach到了。刚才我检查了一下,我的Google Toolbar并没有打开向Google 提供数据的功能,看来这次Google又Evil了?